Women are just as likely as men to need addiction treatment. However, not all addiction treatment programs are suitable for women. Often, female patients thrive in a women’s addiction recovery center. At Soledad House, women are the priority and we tailor our recovery programs to their needs.

Safety and Security is a Priority

Addiction recovery group therapy at Soledad houseWomen with addictions are more likely than women in the general population to suffer abuse. Often, this abuse happens at the hands of men. While not the case for all women, some female patients are intimidated in a coed facility.

During rehab, it’s vital that patients feel safe and secure. Patients should know that they’re protected. It’s only in this sense of security that patients can make progress and truly work toward recovery.

This is just one of many reasons why so many women opt for women’s addiction recovery programs. Without male patients, even women with a history of trauma can feel comfortable. Female patients are more likely to socialize, unwind in group settings and take full advantage of recreation and fitness amenities. When women feel safe, they can make positive and meaningful changes.

Women’s Addiction Recovery Offers the Right Context

In recovery, context is important. While all patients approach recovery with their own history, women as a whole may have more in common with one another than they do with men.

As a gender, women have unique struggles. They may feel more responsible for their children while they’re getting addiction treatment. They might face guilt and shame about others seeing them as weak or mentally unstable.

Women may not want to share their burdens with family members. They might also want others to view them as positive role models. They might struggle to find meaningful relationships with men after addiction.

Of course, not all women have these struggles. However, knowing that these are likely can help inform treatment. In order for addiction programs to be as effective as possible, there needs to be some context.

Focus on Gender-Responsive Treatment

The best way to treat addiction is a comprehensive approach. It has to be about more than just treating the physical symptoms of addiction. Patients also need psychological, emotional and mental support. Women may, as a whole, react better to certain forms of treatment. This allows women’s only facilities to focus on gender-responsive treatment.

To start, gender-responsive treatment acknowledges the physical concerns female patients have. Often, this has to do with sexual health and reproduction. Certain mental health conditions are also more common among women. Additionally, it’s important to utilize a strength-based program so that women feel strong and confident enough to tackle their addictions head-on.

Specific Emphasis on Female Issues in Group Therapy

In a 12 step program or any other form of group therapy, progress comes when participants can share freely and gain insight from their peers. In a women’s only program, participants can hone in on those issues that impact women most.

Just some of these issues might include bonding with children or regaining a romantic relationship. Self-confidence and eating disorders are two more issues that far more women deal with than men.

Recovering From Addiction at Our San Diego Treatment Center

Women can feel safe and secure at Soledad House. Addiction recovery is the priority, and there are many ways to achieve the goal of sobriety.

A few of the many approaches to recovery include the following:

At Soledad House in San Diego, California, women can begin their journey to health and wellness. Addiction recovery is the number one objective, and a safe facility makes it all possible. Call 866.314.3222 for details on how you can take back control over your life today.