Physicians prescribe codeine in both small and large doses to people around the United States. Most commonly, they prescribe it to people that are dealing with physical pain or severe coughing. If patients use it as their doctors prescribe, they can heal more quickly and return to day-to-day life. However, if individuals abuse it, they can develop a codeine addiction that can disrupt their lives for years.

Signs Of A Codeine Addiction

cough syrup poured into spoon - codeine addictionPeople who abuse codeine aren’t going to be able to hide it. Their behaviors and emotions are going to change as they continue their drug abuse. Some of these changes will be subtle. Others will be obvious, dangerous, and even life-threatening.

Many people who struggle with addiction miss day-to-day obligations. Eventually, their absences can begin affecting their work and school performance and relationships. Generally, they’re using this time to get or use drugs away from others.

Along with these issues, people with codeine abuse troubles tend to have issues with financial stability. In order to get the drug, they’ll need to visit different doctors and go to a variety of pharmacies in order to fill their prescriptions. Those visits and prescription fills are going to cost them. They may ask loved ones for money or steal if they’re desperate.

Symptoms Of A Codeine Addiction

People who abuse codeine may show mild to serious symptoms related to their use. Anyone who abuses an opiate is going to experience nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, and breathing difficulties. Codeine users specifically could also experience dizziness and fainting. In serious cases of codeine abuse, people could have seizures.

Individuals with codeine addictions will also go through withdrawal when they stop using. Withdrawal symptoms for codeine aren’t usually deadly. However, they can still be extremely uncomfortable.

Some common codeine withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Abdominal cramping
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle and bone aches
  • Excessive sweating

Symptoms usually start within 24 hours and last for about a week. The worst pains of withdrawal appear 72 hours after the last use.

The Safest Way To Treat Codeine Addiction

There are many approaches to treating any prescription pill addiction. Codeine is no different. Not all of these approaches aren’t safe, though. Some approaches don’t help people heal completely, which can cause them to relapse during or after treatment.

The safest way for individuals to recover from codeine abuse is to go through addiction treatment. During addiction treatment, people enter a series of programs that are designed to help them recover. Each treatment center uses their own addiction treatment approach. Finding the safest options with the best healing opportunities can be tricky.

When you’re looking for a full recovery experience, you should enter treatment at a center that offers holistic, individualized care. These drug addiction treatment centers focus on full-body care for every client. Each person receives a personalized treatment schedule with womens addiction treatment programs that can help them stay sober for years to come. These treatment centers usually offer a calm, recovery-focused environment so clients are able to fully commit themselves to their journey to sobriety.

If you’re a woman struggling with codeine abuse, codeine addiction treatment is an option. Soledad House can provide you with the personalized treatment, care, and support you need to fully recover from your addiction. Don’t wait to get the help that you need. Call us today at 866.314.3222 and talk with someone about the treatment options that can help you get and stay sober.