Drug and alcohol addiction can begin in many ways. For some people, getting high is a way to relieve boredom, but for others, substance abuse is an escape from a painful past. Although seeking help from a PTSD treatment center would be a much better option, not everyone realizes that such treatment is available.

For them, all they know is using, and in time, they now have more problems on top of their traumatized history. See how effective treatment can help you overcome trauma as well as an addiction so that you can have the bright and healthy future you deserve.

The Link Between PTSD and Addiction

a woman talks to a counselor at a womens PTSD treatment centerPost-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, gets a lot of attention when talking about military veterans. However, PTSD affects more than men and women who’ve been through combat. The disorder can negatively impact anyone who’s survived a traumatic event or situation.

Trauma is what happens when a person can’t move past an event or situation. She’s so overwhelmed by the negative emotions connected to it that she constantly relives it. Instead of the sadness, confusion, fear, and anxiety that she felt being part of the past, she continues to feel those same emotions even now.

As a result, she wants to numb those feelings however she can. Many people turn to drug and alcohol abuse as a way to cope. They don’t have the necessary tools to help them move past the trauma. However, if they partner with professionals at a PTSD treatment center, they can finally gain the trauma-informed care that they need and move past the pain.

The Need for Help at a PTSD Treatment Center

Everyone processes bad events differently, whether it’s an armed robbery, sexual assault or death of a loved one. Some people can move forward with their lives, although they’ll remember what happened. Others, however, need help from a PTSD treatment center because they’re unable to move on.

Maybe you’ve buried a painful memory, and you don’t even know what happened to you. Alternatively, perhaps you’re well aware, but you don’t talk about it.

An inability to express negative emotions often results in negative behaviors. People who are traumatized lash out in anger, withdraw into severe depression or try and lose themselves in substance abuse.

All of that can change if they get help at a womens PTSD treatment center. By uncovering deep-rooted issues and confronting their feelings, they can begin the process of healing. With various forms of therapy and activities, they’ll learn how to cope with the stress, anxiety, and depression that stem from trauma. Their mental health will improve as they face those difficult feelings instead of ignoring them.

How a Womens PTSD Treatment Center Can Help

Men and women often have different reasons for abusing drugs and alcohol. While men deal with more anger management issues, women are more often survivors of sexual assault. They also are more likely to be in codependent relationships.

Professionals at a womens PTSD treatment center understand what leads some women to make bad choices, such as using. They can address women’s unique challenges and struggles as it relates to trauma and substance abuse. By getting help from a PTSD treatment center, particularly one with gender-specific, specialized programs, women who have grappled with addiction can find support and guidance among their peers and experts.

Women-Focused Addiction Treatment

Soledad House is a women’s-only addiction treatment facility in San Diego, California. In our safe and nurturing environment, you or a loved one can get individualized care that promotes healing and recovery. Our rehab center provides a range of treatment options, including residential, outpatient, and intensive outpatient programs.

The services we offer include:

  • Psychotherapy treatment
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Trauma therapy

If you can’t let go of past trauma and are now struggling with addiction, let the caring team at Soledad House help you. A PTSD treatment center, sober living program, and spiritual activities can give you a new lease on a sober life. Call us today at 8663143222 to learn more.