sad woman needs women's drug rehabWomen facing addiction often have different needs than men facing addiction. A women’s drug rehab facility provides women a safe and comfortable space for healing and recovery, without the distraction of having men in the same program. In female-only groups, women can break free of self-consciousness, build self-esteem and focus on what they need for long-term sobriety.

Why Choose A Women’s Drug Rehab?

Women suffering addiction often also suffer feelings of shame, failure, and low self-esteem. Privacy among only women in the same life position gives females recovering from addiction the chance to “get real” in their recovery. Having men around makes many women keep their guard up, not enabling them to really face their big issues. So being in a female-only rehab is a great way to focus on sobriety as needed.

If you’re a woman addicted to drugs or alcohol, you must decide what type of rehab is right for you. Meanwhile, consider benefits of women’s drug rehab, such as:

Safety after Victimization

For many women, trauma forms the roots of addiction. For women recovering from both addiction and sexual assault, rape, childhood abuse or other traumas, it’s difficult to talk about these issues in front of men. Just being around men can be traumatic for some recovering women. So being in the safety of a female environment can be healing and leads to stronger recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Mental illness is more common than most people realize. In fact, drug addiction and mental illness go hand-in-hand. Many people abuse drugs to feel normal through self-medication. Others develop mental illness as drug addiction progresses. Women tend to experience mental illness differently than men and vice versa. Being in a women’s drug rehab enables focused mental health treatment for women’s specific needs.

Support that Lasts

Women in female-only rehabs build lasting friendships they can rely on. For women struggling with other female relationships, women’s rehab can help them relearn how to communicate better with other females.

Gender-Specific Education

There are many educational topics that women relate to better, just as there are many topics men need to cover. Female-specific topics include self-image, body image, eating disorders and parenting. Being in a female-only environment allows a fuller exploration of these issues.

Life in A Women’s Rehab

The goal of women’s rehab programs is the patients’ strongest possible sobriety. These programs include:

Addiction doesn’t have to be embarrassing anymore. In rehab, you can focus on your treatment better if you aren’t hiding from major issues to save face around men. You’ll bond with other women, something you may not experience in daily life at home. You also gain the positive support of other women, particularly for subjects that women understand best.

Find A Women’s Drug Rehab in San Diego

Soledad House in San Diego, California offers female-only rehab for a complete recovery from drugs and alcohol. Women attending Soledad House learn about their addiction while working the 12-step based program. There, recovery and wellness are complete with approaches designed to treat patients physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Soledad House addiction treatment programs include:

If you or a woman you love needs drug rehab, the women’s only program at Soledad House may be the right fit. Call Soledad House now at 866.314.3222 for more information about available programs.