When you’re struggling with addiction, you need the help of professionals to break the cycle. No matter how hard you might try on your own, nothing compares to the help and support a professional facility provides. As you look for a womens rehab program San Diego trusts, it’s crucial to look at everything the program offers. If you choose a program that lacks options for treatment, your recovery could suffer. One aspect of treatment to look for when making your decision is a partial hospitalization program San Diego trusts. Without this level of care, you lack the support you need to achieve your recovery goals.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program San Diego Provides?

two women discussing the womens partial hospitalization program san diego trusts So what does a partial hospitalization program San Diego offers look like? What benefits do you receive from the program? Is it even one of the necessary womens addiction treatment programs?

A PHP is the highest level of treatment care without being a residential program. While the clients receive necessary treatment, they don’t live at the facility. Those struggling with addiction, behavioral disorders, and mental health disorders can receive treatment through a PHP.

Two different scenarios tend to require the support of a partial hospitalization program San Diego offers. One scenario is when an individual completes a residential program. Instead of immediately returning home, they begin a PHP to continue with their treatment. This helps to prevent relapse by providing a stable schedule and continuous support. Clients leaving a residential program can be vulnerable to quick relapse, so adding additional levels of support is crucial to success.

The other scenario is when an individual doesn’t require residential treatment. Typically, when the addiction isn’t as severe, it eliminates the need for a more immersive treatment program. Instead, clients will find success beginning with a partial hospitalization program and stepping down from there.

Regardless of why an individual needs a PHP, the benefits are the same. They receive similar care of a residential program, without needing to take the time away from home. Rigorous routines that work around their responsibilities at home make it possible to receive treatment without uprooting their lives.

The Womens Partial Hospitalization Program San Diego Needs is at Soledad House

Soledad House is proud to be one of the main gender-specific programs in San Diego. We have the womens partial hospitalization program San Diego residents and others can count on. Our program gives the transitional support women need as they step down to us from a structured residential program. We provide them with the chance to prepare for the next phase of their recovery.

At Soledad House, we address the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of our clients with a variety of therapy modalities. These include:

After the partial hospitalization program San Diego offers, provide the next levels of care in a full continuum of care. These include:

  • Intensive outpatient treatment program
  • Sober living program
  • Extended care program
  • 12 step recovery program
  • Aftercare addiction program

Begin a PHP Today

If you’re ready to begin, or continue, your road to recovery, it’s time to reach out to Soledad House today. Learn more about our partial hospitalization program in San Diego and contact Soledad House now at 866.314.3222. Our team is here to help you reach the long-lasting recovery you deserve.